We will be CLOSED  Feb 26 – Mar 3. Formerly known as Diana’s Personal Touch. 

Traverse City Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Packages

Prices will vary based on the size of the pet, the condition of the coat, and the behavior of the pet. Please see the ranges below and note that our professional, licensed Groomers give full consultations prior to every grooming session. Pet parents will know the cost range before leaving. If behavioral issues are encountered during the session, we will notify the pet parent and discuss how the groom should proceed.

Lion Cut


Fur cut, nail clipping, ear cleaning/ plucking (if needed), paw pad trim and sanitary areas (if applicable), and blowout


Standard Groom


For short hair or shedding cats that do not require cuts or minor trims only. Nails, ears, trimming of paw pads, and ‘sanitary areas’.


Bath Only


Flea bath only



We are closed from Feb. 26-Mar. 3rd