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Amber Jewell-Clay


Our Dog Training methodology: Positive Reinforcement

This methodology is a scientifically based training model that encompasses rewarding a positive behavior in order to encourage it to happen again in the future. No harsh responses, tools or training methods are utilized; alternatively positive feedback is given as the reinforcer for wanted behavior. Reinforcers can come in the form of treats, play, praises, enjoyed activities or additional information relayed to the trainee (canine). Positive reinforcement utilizes force-free training, that is marker based
which allows for effective communication with animals.

Training Philosophy:

My philosophy pertaining to training comes from a long history of exposure to human/canine interactions both personally and professionally. I strongly feel that as species we coexist to complement one another. Working together allows for a mutually beneficial relationship where we both contribute pieces and parts of ourselves to make the partnership cohesive. As a partnership, both the human and canine are learning along the way as well as teaching each other. From what I have observed between these interactions is that there are barriers with both spoken and unspoken language that can hinder effective communication. Once the human and canine pair decode what is being communicated by one another, an incredible mutual bond develops. My objective as a trainer, is to assist in the communication decoding that will then aid in the creation of that incredible human/canine bond. Through positive reinforcement methodology, both human and canine will gain confidence in one another. Thus, leading to a rewarding and lifelong cohesive partnership.


As a Traverse City native, I have witnessed the evolution of this beautiful area. The Grand Traverse
region has evolved in many different ways but more specifically into an area of animal lovers. This can be witnessed through how canine friendly the city itself has become. Traverse City has a population of very compassionate people with a great appreciation of companion animals. This shift is something I am prideful of as I fit the bill of a true animal lover! Growing up, I always had a great affection for animals, my dream at 10 years old was to grow up and be a veterinarian. Life took me on a different path scholastically but, my affection and tenderness for animals never wavered. I have tried my hand at a few different careers but always landed back on animals as my greatest source of happiness. During my professional journey, I had the opportunity to work at a veterinary hospital. This culture
solidified my need to work with animals but to what capacity was still the question. Having a bachelor’s degree in psychology prompted me to revisit the behavioral aspects of different species. This academic
history paired with my own experience with a fear reactive dog became the driving force for my desire to obtain certification as a canine trainer.

Through my training endeavors with my own canine companions, I have learned the importance of teamwork. The human/canine relationship needs to be one of mutual respect and understanding of the
individual as well as the partnership. I’ve utilized varying resources to create cohesive relationships with my four current canine counterparts as they are all very individual in their needs, just as we are as
humans. I look forward to continuing my educational path in animal behavior while creating a positive and safe
environment for pet guardians to create cohesive relationships with their companion canines. Canine training is incredibly rewarding, seeing the growth in both humans and canines is awe inspiring. Dogs are
such a joy that truly complement our lives, especially once we understand what accommodations they need to thrive in our world.


All dogs must be wearing a breakaway style collar to board and/or play.